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April 2024 Summary Featured

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The following is the April 2024 Summary of The St. Croix Review”:

Barry MacDonald, in “COVID-19 Deceit,” shares investigations by Senators Rand Paul and Ron Johnson that suggest that U.S. taxpayer money helped to finance the Chinese manufacture of COVID-19.

Allan C. Brownfeld, in “The Decline of Newspapers: A Threat to Democracy,” details a drastic drop in the numbers of American journalists and newspapers within the last twenty years; in “Can We Return to the Goal of a Genuinely ColorBlind Society?” he laments the standard of “disparate impact” on race relations that moves America far from a colorblind society; in “The Decline of Civility Threatens American Democracy,” he recalls a time decades ago when Republicans and Democrats did not view each other as enemies; in “Remembering Those in Colonial America Who Wanted to Eliminate Slavery,” he writes that at the time of the American Revolution, slavery was practiced worldwide. Americans were at the forefront of 18th century statesmen who wanted to end slavery. In “Middle East Should Remember Its History of Muslim-Jewish Understanding,” he looks back on a more harmonious relationship between Jews and Muslims.

Paul G. Kengor, in “The Tumultuous Life and Conversion of Eldridge Cleaver,” tells the saga of a violent, criminal, Marxist leader of the Blank Panther movement who became a supporter of Ronald Reagan and a conservative Republican; in “Two Years In, I’m Not Optimistic About Putin’s War on Ukraine,” he sketches the history and character of the leader of Russia. He is not optimistic about Putin’s contempt for human life, his repeated references to the use of nuclear weapons, and his vitriolic rhetoric toward Poland; in “‘ISIS-K’ Terror in Russia — a Savage ISIS Attack and Putin’s Troubling Response,” he writes that Putin is using one of the worst Islamic terrorist attacks on Russia as a pretext for savagery in Ukraine.

Mark Hendrickson, in “‘Climate: The Movie’ — Review,” writes, the movie “. . . has the potential to cure younger viewers of the needless anxiety that millions of them reportedly feel after being subjected to alarmist propaganda in schools”; in “The Destructive Corporation-Bashing of the Left,” he writes, “. . . the left’s constant corporation-bashing manifests gross ignorance of a salient economic truth: Corporations are the major economic benefactors of our country”; in “Lessons from History: Some Enlighten, Some Confuse,” he writes, “Let’s keep our minds fixed on two of the most important lessons of history: Peace is far better than war, and the present is far better than the past”; in “The Might and Majesty of the Risen Savior,” he celebrates Christ and Easter.

Corey Kendig, in “Remembering Jackie Robinson,” reveals that the great ballplayer who broke the color barrier in MLB was a Christian, a patriot, a Republican, and an anti-Communist.

Timothy S. Goeglein, in “Gen Z Is Trapped in a Virtual Cage,” writes about the damage that Big Tech and social media impose upon American children. He favors Congressional regulation.

Robert DeStefano, in “Thinking of Heaven,” asks what awaits children who died early.

Francis DeStefano, in “Enchanted April,” reviews a British film about four forlorn English women who set out to spend the month of April in a small castle on the Ligurian coast in Italy; in “Two Battle Films,” he reviews Peter Watkin’s docudrama “Battle of Culloden,” and John Huston’s “The Red Badge of Courage” — Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of World War II, stars.

Jigs Gardner in “Letters from a Conservative Farmer: Versed in Country Things, Part 3 — Disturbing Revelations,” discovers that he and his wife are hardly prepared for the hardship and poverty of life in the country during the winter on their own.

Jigs Gardner in “Writers for Conservatives: 10 — On the Frontier,” writes about Francis Parkman’s The Oregon Trail, and Deep-river Jim’s Wilderness Trail Book, published by the Open Road Pioneers’ Club. Jigs read these books when he was 13 years old — they changed his life!

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Barry MacDonald

Editor & Publisher of the St. Croix Review.

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