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The Issue Is Not the Issue

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The Issue Is Not the Issue

Barry MacDonald — Editorial

How do we reach those Americans who are open to our message while the media is daily polluting our culture with leftist propaganda? How do we overcome the barriers that stand between us and those well-meaning Americans who have been saturated with the ideology of the Left?

  • We can see that our major cities are oppressed by violent criminals while the police have been defunded, disabled, and demoralized — progressive prosecutors are refusing to enforce the law because they believe the justice system is racist.

  • We know that public school teachers, from kindergarten on, are teaching gender fluidity and race theory to students. The “educators” believe they are on a mission to transform America, and, accordingly, parents shouldn’t be informed, as children are divided into categories of victimizers and victims, and as children are encouraged to question their gender identity. The public-school establishment — the unions, the bureaucracy, some school boards, and some percentage of the teachers — are foisting a hostile takeover of America’s children — and parents are their opponents.

  • We are watching as our southern border is managed by the Mexican drug cartels, and our nation is inundated with deadly drugs and illegal immigrants from all over the world. The catastrophic and long-term effects of this migration of people will be hard to reckon. Over time the entire nation, and every community, will be impacted. Overdose deaths from fentanyl poisoning, the trafficking of sex slaves, the inundation of gangs into the fabric of society, are immediate effects. Overwhelmed public education; access to health care; the durability of social services such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security; will be imperiled, once the illegal immigrants are granted access. The illegal immigrants will take out more than they contribute to our social services, and the flood of children who don’t speak English into our schools will make the task of teaching reading and arithmetic much harder. The enforcement of the law is being applied at the discretion of progressive prosecutors, city and state bureaucrats, mayors and governors, and state legislatures. In progressive localities the message is sent: regardless of statutes, we will decide whom to prosecute, and which laws to enforce. The system of equality before the law is disintegrating. Democrats are opening our borders in the hopes of gaining a new, dependable, base of Democratic voters.

  • The gathering of the “elite” at Davos, Switzerland, has revealed a depth of narcissism and hubris that’s hard to parody. From Al Gore’s bug-eyed, red-faced, bellowing rant about “boiling oceans” and “rain bombs” to John Kerry’s gushing over the “select group of human beings” at Davos, there to “save the planet,” we have a glimpse of their megalomania. They would like to impose a meatless diet on humanity. They would like populations to be cloistered in megacities where transportation could be easily controlled. Al Gore is a ridiculous figure, easy to laugh at. And yet he has made himself a multi-millionaire by pushing the “green” agenda. Al Gore is a bully, and the strategy of using the “rescue” of the earth as a battering ram, and as disguise for the grasping of power, is effective. How many of our young people believe that the earth will soon be uninhabitable? What the gathering in Davos represents is a collusion of world governance, between cooperating nations, bureaucracies, and “woke” CEOs and corporations. These people are plotting to rig the world economy in their favor. They are aiming to undo market economies in which the prices of goods, the kinds of goods, and the quality of goods are determined by the free choices of consumers. They wish to impose on world populations restrictions on types and numbers of cars available. They want to choose which fuels are available for our cars and for heating our homes. They want to control and limit the ability of people to move about freely. They want to determine what food people can eat, and how much of it. They want to choose how homes are built and where they are built. They lust for the power to do so. They suppose they have the right to do so. They are dead set on impoverishing millions of people. They are plotting to crush the hard-won freedoms of billions of people. They would, if they could, impose a dark age on humanity. They would be our overlords, and we their serfs.

David Horowitz is a reformed radical who is a fierce warrior for freedom. He was raised by Communist parents, and was an editor of Rampart magazine during the Vietnam War. He wrote of revolutionizing America. He and his co-editor wrote: “The system cannot be revitalized; it must be overthrown. As humanely as possible, but by any means necessary.” But since the ’60s he has switched sides. He is a formidable intellectual powerhouse because he knows the leftist mentality intimately. David Horowitz uses the slogan “The issue is not the issue.”

Indeed, the issue is not the issue. The battle over “gay” marriage turned into a crusade for transgenderism. The once-cherished right of freedom of speech has given way to a demand for “safe spaces,” “trigger warnings,” and the silencing of “hate speech.” In our universities, even within the mathematical domain of astrophysics and the vital realm of medical science, the objective pursuit of truth has morphed into an imperative for diversity, equity, inclusion. The patriotic ideals of sovereignty and borders have become a joke. The entirety of American history, shorn of the balancing and clarifying perspectives of world history, has been tossed on a trash heap by the government’s educational blob.

Once upon a time our young people could not drink alcohol until they reached the age of 18. Now, they are being encouraged by teachers and administrators, without the knowledge of their parents, to undergo “corrective” surgery to conform to a newly chosen “gender identity.” The parents are not allowed to know about the “transition” of their children. There are no long-term studies diagnosing the psychological effects of such irreversible surgeries. How many of these children will come to regret what was done to them by these revolutionaries pushing an inhumane agenda while posing as educators? The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has given the blessing of the bully pulpit to the slicing of innocent children’s bodies.

The gay marriage issue was not the issue during the Presidency of Barack Obama. Transgenderism is not the issue during Joe Biden’s Presidency. The issue was, and always is, power and control. The Left wants to shatter the bulwark of the family, which stands in the way of its domination.

Five years ago, who could have imagined that “gender identity” would play a central role in the theater of American politics — and yet here we are today. Who knows what freakish idiocy our intellectuals will be harping about in the next five years? What parody of enlightened wisdom will they be mouthing incessantly to promote a new hobbyhorse?

The details of each ephemeral issue are nothing, compared to the direction of the culture. Always the liberty of individuals and families is giving way to a consolidation of government power. A coterie of elite has emerged, not only within our nation but within many nations as well, with insatiable demands. In Western European democracies, the wedge issue of race has been used to discredit the legitimacy of institutions with the aim of supplanting national pride and substituting “ideals” of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Just as in America, Black Lives Matter has found a home in Great Britain. How many Britons remember the deeds of William Wilberforce?

If the American Left really cared about the welfare of American blacks, it would address the deplorable failure of the public schools in Baltimore. If our progressives truly cared about the high numbers of black homicides, they would focus on the dozens of shootings that happen in Chicago every weekend. They would take note of the killings of black children by stray bullets as they are playing in their back yards, sleeping in their beds, or while they are in a car at a McDonald’s drive thru. They would jail violent predators. The American Left doesn’t care about these ruined lives, and so we never see these news narratives broadcast on a par with that of the George Floyd incident.

The issues that are broadcast daily by the news media, in collusion with a political and cultural elite, are merely a pretext for the diminishment of human freedom and the enrichment and empowerment of a selfish, vengeful, insatiable, dissolute ruling class, epitomized by the likes of Hunter Biden. Concealed inside every transitory issue featured by “journalists” practicing “narrative journalism” is the real issue: Power and control.

The Leftists apparently believe that human nature is plastic and infinitely malleable to the dictates of their mad schemes.

We good-hearted Americans may well remember the wise words of Abraham Lincoln:

“You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

We decent and well-intended Americans need to bide our time, and rely on God, and watch for the inevitable turning of the tide, when we will crush the evil impulses of the Left.     *

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Barry MacDonald

Editor & Publisher of the St. Croix Review.
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